"Sometimes, when I think of all the time I have spent not learning to do things ..." W. Faulkner, Sanctuary, Random House (1958), p. 118.

Living is learning. Simple, isn't it? Simple, except in real life where one is expected to perform & when one is caught up in desires or expectations (like rewards for our performance).
Still, when you think of all the time you have spent not learning to do things ... you think of all the time your life was barely different from that of a dog. Waiting to get your bone. Learning is not training. It is discovering things as yet undiscovered with the help of an infinite amount of discoveries made before yours, by others but also by yourself.
That is what makes learning different from performing; learning is its own reward. It enables more learning, better discoveries, going boldly where no one has ever gone before. What´s the use? No use, just more learning. Learning is where risk & reward, effort & expectation bend together into one self-sufficient little knot. Not for benefit of one´s self, not even to benefit others let alone mankind.
The issue of senselessness without after-life, one of Kant´s arguments, can remain an issue only if purpose requires a self as ultimate subject. Learning requires a self but only as coincidental substrate. It doesn´t require the self to get fulfillment of its own efforts; it does not deal reward for merit, it merely wants learning to continue & to knowledge to progress. Learning is a self-fulfilling prophecy. With poetic licence - all learning lives on in further learning.
Obviously, when reality kicks in, things are not that simple. The self is not selfless, like anything else it wants to resist annihilation. But that is a prime area of learning - not only as a phenomenon to be studied but also as a reality check on ourselves. Can we be more than creatures that merely live to continue a certain particular kind of living?

Whilst writing this I was listening to Luz Casal, Best of Luz Casal.

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