Die Hinzu-Lügner

"(..) Und so macht man es innerhalb jeder herrschenden Moral und Religion und hat es von jeher gemacht: die Grunde und die Absichten hinter der Gewohnheit werden immer zu ihr erst hinzugelogen, wenn Enige anfangen, die Gewohnheit zu bestreiten und nach Gründen und Absichten zu fragen. Hier steckt die grosse Unehrlichkeit der Conservativen aller Zeiten: - es sind die Hinzu-Lügner." F. Nietzsche, Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, p. 63, Reklam, 2000.

(amateuristic English translation below)

There will be more from where this one came: if only to show Nietzsche isn't what he is made out to be by those standing to gain from the commonplace perspective. Or, in other words: if you're original enough there is no force in the universe that can be dwarfing you to commonplace.

What is the custom of our day? It has to be: "Work hard and you'll be rewarded with well deserved worldly goods." The lie stuck on top of this work drill morality is that it will ensure reward comes to those who merit it. The next lie is: everyone will benefit because this system will allow sustainable advances in average prosperity.

It's pretty easy to find challenges to the custom. It is blatantly obvious that merit is unavoidably divorced from merit, whatever way you may want to define the latter. It are always sociopathtic tyrants & cock-sucking followers that take worldy reward from the inventions of the unconventional working people. It is more obvious still that not everyon benefits and that the system, left to its own nature, leads to everincreasing portions of humanity living sub-averagely from the point of view of wordly goods.

What does not follow from the blatantly obvious is that we have to tune the systems to ensure the custom is made compatible with the lies - what also does not follow is that we have to accept the custom is imperfect but happens to be the best one that we have managed to stumble across. Regardless of perspective, neither of these is following although one is free to deceive one's self with either a soft conservative or a hard conservative perspective (corresponding to modern progressives and modern extreme right).

So let us ask what does follow from all this. The answer is simple: nothing. Custom, as well as its invented reason and intention are post their due dates. They're stale & there should be a ban on the operative concepts used: a ban on merit, hard work, & a ban on rewards, averages and the common good.

We need to let go: a bit of work is good enough if it earns you just enough to come by in a way that allows you to do whatever the bloody hell takes your fancy. I know - not very philosophical and maybe therefore with an outside chance of being right ;-)

"And so it is done within every ruling moral system or religion and has it been done forever and ever; the reasons and intentions behind the custom are always invented after the facts (lied on top of it), when some start to fight the custom, asking for reasons and intentions. Here we have the gross dishonesty of conservatives of all times: - they are on-top-liars."

(I am sorry, you'll need to learn German or find an official translation to appreciate it thoroughly, which is kind of fitting, in a way)

Whilst writing this I was listening to Dwight Yoakam, Blame the Vain.

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